Chambord Castle

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Chambord is an exceptional work of art, an international symbol of the French Renaissance listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1981.

The HistoPad offers the unprecedented experience of an immersive visit thanks to the principle of Augmented Reality. Visitors can visit the castle in the days of François 1er, discovering eight rooms where the structure and décor, lost over time, have been reconstituted in 360°.

The Histopad also invites guests to explore 19 of the castle’s most important rooms, providing them with insight and information on more than 150 works of art, pieces of furniture, and other artifacts. For younger visitors, the tablet offers an interactive and educational treasure hunt, providing accessibility to people of all ages. This virtually guided visit uniquely enables visitors to improve their knowledge of the history of the Château from the 16th century to today.

The Histopad Chambord won the Grand Prix 2015 of ICOM.

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Date : 7/14/2015