Who are we ?

Histovery is the premier company in France for cultural outreach through cutting-edge technology. We design, produce and operate “augmented visit” solutions, to best showcase monuments, museums, and tourist sites with our tablet, the HistoPad.

The HistoPad tablet enables the general public to rediscover the wealth of cultural heritage, thanks to spectacular and interactive technology, whilst presenting visitors with in-depth scientific and historical knowledge.

Our multidisciplinary team combines a wealth of expertise in science, art, and technology. We will accompany you at each stage of your augmented visit project to deliver you a « ready-to-rent » solution.

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Offer your visitors a unique experience thanks to augmented reality, 3D reconstructions, interactive features, and rich media..

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Make the best of contemporary museography available to 100% of your audience with an easy-to-use device, that is translated into multiple languages and adapted to people of all ages, or with disabilities.



Retain visitors, and reach out to new audiences with an engaging visitor experience.

The most complete visit solution on the market

A content-based approach

We produce all content under the full editorial authority of our cultural partner, working hand in hand with your needs and wishes.

A scalable app

Thanks to regular remote updates, the HistoPad follows our partner’s scenographic evolutions as closely as possible, and can be enhanced with new content and functionality.

A loyalty tool

Forge sustainable links between your institution and your audience. All-encompassing Analytics and CRM tools help you retain your visitors and attract new audiences, providing you with statistics, mailing lists, visitor comments, and more.

Are you looking to develop an augmented visit for your cultural site ? Go ahead and contact us !

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