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“The Pope’s Palace in Avignon revisited by Augmented Reality”
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“HistoPad boosts the audience”
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“Histovery is revolutionizing the audio-guide with Augmented Reality”
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“Macron outlines vision of start-up nation”
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“Histovery presents the cultural visit of the future”
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“French Tech: Will start-ups save France?”
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“In Chambord, a digital tablet takes us to the Renaissance”
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“When Augmented Reality lets you traver through time… “
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“In the corridors of Time with HistoPad”
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“Avignon: A little more HistoPad of the Pope’s Palace ?”
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“Thanks to HistoPad, we can visit Conciergerie in Augmented Reality”
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“Bringing a modern twist to castle visits”
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“It re-enchants our historical heritage”
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“How Histovery digitalizes cultural heritage”
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“Avignon: Dive into the papal life in the 14th Century”
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“Histovery presents the Heritage Days 2.0”



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