Chateau de Chambord patrimoine mondial de l'unesco

Royal Château de Blois

Once home to the Count of Blois and the Duke of Orléans, to seven kings and ten queens of France, the Royal Château de Blois is in its own class as an architectural and historical hybrid of all the Loire region’s châteaux.

The HistoPad is your guide on a marvellous journey back in time to the Renaissance period. Thanks to AR, visitors will be surrounded by 360º reconstructions of four halls at the Château at the time of the 16th century, showing off life during the meeting of the Etats Généraux in 1588, the royal kitchens bursting with life for a banquet for Francis I, and the Great Hall and Bedroom as prepared for the Archduke and Archduchess of Austria’s visit in 1501. Enabled by meticulous historical research, the faithfulness of the reconstructions has been confirmed by a committee of the most renowned experts in Renaissance studies.

The HistoPad also helps visitors learn about the variety of collections on exhibition at the Royal Château de Blois. Whether you wish to examine a painting right down to its tiniest details, manipulate the furniture and the displays, play instruments, or even relive the assassination of the Duc de Guise hour-by-hour, the tablet allows you to interact with the displays and to really live out your visit.

Visitors can take part in a treasure hunt, send themselves a historic selfie or even use the interactive map to find useful information about their visit and way around the Château. Any visit is made a delightful shared experience of amusement and discovery.