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La Bibliothèque en 1930-2
La Cuisine en 1907
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Pic du Midi

Explore the epic history of the Pic du Midi, stepping back 100 years in time and reliving the human and scientific adventure of this unique observatory, the only one like it in the world – such is the brand new experience that awaits visitors to the Pic du Midi thanks to HistoPad.

HistoPad takes visitors on an immersive journey back in time, retracing the story of the observatory’s very first scientists. Through the use of 3D and rich media, the various rooms and spaces within the observatory have been entirely recreated in 360° as they might have been arranged and organised in the first half of the 20th century: the Baillaud dome (now converted into a planetarium), the gallery, the library, the kitchen, the sleeping dorm – all the areas the pioneers of the conquest of the stars, who made the Pic du Midi so famous and well-known, would have occupied as their living space.

Thanks to HistoPad, the visitor can admire, examine and investigate the exceptional panoramic landscape around the site in 360°, in all weathers, and no matter whether it’s summer or winter, day or night. They thus gain an appreciation of the full extent of the Pic du Midi International Dark Sky Reserve, which was established to protect the sky from the effects of light pollution. With HistoPad, the visitor also gets to explore the plants and wildlife of the Pyrenees, and even experience a perilous and risky extreme ski descent!

A special interactive 3D model enables the Pic to be both constructed and deconstructed, plunging the visitor right into the heart of the building site, from the laying of the very first stone in 1876 through to the major building works undertaken today.