Grévin Paris


Since 1882, Grevin stands out as a place with the ability to show us out present in three dimensions, a mythical place of fun and illusion where notable celebrities are commemorated and celebrated.

The Grevin Paris visit app offers an interactive guided visit of this museum. The app gives the visitor access to more information about the celebrities and their wax doubles via a series of linked content: anecdotes, photographs, videos, biographies, etc.
The application also allows for a deep dive into the remarkable architectural history of 20th century paris. As they travel through the museum, guests are invited to discover five historical rooms through 360° panoramas, each of which contains a wealth of information and multimedia content. From photos to videos and 3D models, these rooms allow visitors to go further in discovering this incredible location.

For younger visitors, the app provides fun and educational games, inviting guests to find the differences between photos and reality.

Date: 10 January 2016