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Dungeon of Loches

The Dungeon of Loches, built between 1013 and 1035 by Foulques III Nerra, Count of Anjou, is considered one of the best preserved of the Roman period. Its construction, and that of the ramparts and other towers that make up the dungeon, took place over five centuries, from the XIth to the XVIth century. A Comtal castle, and then a royal fortress, the site became a royal prison in the XVth century.

Push open the door to the Aula (the grand salon) of Count Foulques Nerra in the XIth century, help defend the Dungeon, attacked in 1205 by Philippe Auguste, break into the cell of the Duke of Alençon in 1458; since December 19, 2018, you can do all of this with the innovative new visitors guide on a tablet, the HistoPad. Thanks to Augmented Reality and 3D, each visitor to the Dungeon of Loches is invited to experience a spectacular immersive virtual visit: issued HistoPad tablets at the entrance to the site, the public is able to plunge into 360° reenactments of the areas that they are walking through, entirely reconstituted as they were in the middle and end of the Middle Ages.

For the first time, the HistoPad of the Dungeon of Loches has the resources that allows the medieval decor and furniture to be recreated. By clicking on certain points of interest, visitors can get a behind the scenes look with the used of a HistoPad, and compare the 3D modeling of certain elements with the contemporary iconographic sources of period restorations.

Date: 20 December 2018