Le musée Chinois - Chateau de fontainebleau
Grande vitrine Musée chinois de Fontainebleau
Réplique de la couronne de SIAM
Chateau de Chambord patrimoine mondial de l'unesco

Chinese Museum at the Fontainebleau Castle


Empress Eugene created this remarkable collection in 1863. The collection features diplomatic gifts from the Siam Embassy, along with treaures plundered by the Franco-British Expedition during the 1860 Sack of the Summer Palace in Peking.

Designed as a guided visit of the collection, it inaugurated a new generation of HistoPad projects specifically adapted for museums. This HistoPad offers above all an interactive discovery of exposed works and rooms, the possibility of admiring lost or stolen works of art reconstituted in 3D, as well as an immersive journey back to the Ancient Summer Palace of Peking in 1860, the original setting of the exposed collections.

Dynamic captions and animated objects bring to life the pieces on display, and pieces of the museum that were destroyed are meticulously recreated for an immersive and unique experience. The HistoPad Fontainebleau is an invaluable education tool, appealing to people of all ages as they discover this incredible collection.

Date: 16 November 2015